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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Don’t Talk To Strangers While You Travel, Any Exception.

We have a habit to keep quite during a journey if the fellow passenger is a stranger. This tendency is always there in men, it is inborn and no one should be blamed for it. I used to travel from hometown to Chennai and I always stick to this policy, as most of the time I travel alone. However, on one occasion I had a chance to meet a person who works in a company in Ascendas, Chennai (I do not remember the company name). The person was having book and he is having lot of conversation with the fellow passengers. After a while, he started to talk to me. Talked about current affairs, human behavior, ethics, career options in front of me and lot more. I never thought he would be such a nice person and he was talking about the corrupt politicians their statistics and all. He said his name, but I do not remember, but I can recognize his face. But I find it one of my good experience on train.

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